hi, i'm karolina

software engineer. fullstack developer.

yoginī. matcha lover. oatkeeper

About Me

HI! I'm Karolina Porcioncula, a full-stack web developer and software engineer. After deep self-reflection of working in retail banking , I've decided to pursue further studies and joined a coding bootcamp. Completing the 17-week immersive program at Grace Hopper in FSA of Code, has been the most rewarding decision I have made in my life. I enjoy building something from nothing. I love learning new technologies. I love seeing my creativity come to life.

When I'm not in front of a computer, you can find me doing yoga, cooking, or spending time with my loved ones.

Tech Stack

Proficient: HTML5, CSS5, Javascript, Node.js , Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, React, Redux, Material UI, React-Bootstrap

Knowledgeable: Webpack, Socket.io,SQL, TDD (Mocha/Chai/Jasmin), Heroku, TravisCI, Git, GitHub

Basic: React-Native, MongoDB



Scribby is an interactive web canvas integrated with a code editor app that makes collaboration, diagraming, and writing out code convenient and easy.

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An online e-commerce shop where clients can purchase retro video games made in the 90’s.

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A starter meditation mobile app built with React Native.

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Priceless Jones

Build out a stock market simulator app for the 6-day hackathon challenge.

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Contact Me

I'll be glad to answer your questions!